Alright everyone, this is a very creative and unfamiliar post for most of you. Anyone who knows me understands that generally I love eating anything. I enjoy anything as long as its well prepared, steak, tacos, sushi but nothing compares to a great pasta dish! Any real italian will tell you how the whole family gets together on sunday for the homemade sauce, im not impressed…give me a call when you make your own pasta! Talk about impressing family, friends or a loved one…the secret is homemade pasta. I am too excited to keep talking so let’s get right into it shale we!

Pasta Fatta in Casa:(Fresh Homemade Pasta)


  • 3 cups flour (keep flour close, may need extra)
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp olive oil

*technique is a key factor in making homemade pasta!

First, sift the flour onto your surface so it is shaped like a miniature volcano and press a hollow in the center.

Make sure the hole you have hollowed out only goes about a quarter of the way down into the flour.

In a mixing bowl stir together 7 tablespoons of water with the salt, egg and olive oil and pour the mixture into the hollow. With a wooden spoon stir in part of the flour from the edge toward the center and continue stirring together until the mixture forms a smooth supple dough.

Shape and knead the dough with your hands and form it into a ball and let it rest under a damp cloth for about 40 minutes. (letting the dough rest is very important and should not be skipped)

After letting the dough rest dust the working area and a rolling-pin with flour and begin rolling out the dough to the thinnest possible rectangular you can. After acquiring a nice thin sheet fold dough over multiple times and continue to roll again (repeat process 1 or 2 more times)

 Dust the sheet of dough with flour and loosely roll it up lengthwise. Cut it into thin strips with a large, sharp knife! last set aside a place to dry them and lightly dust with flour. Then roll the pasta strands into loose looking nests and place them on the bed of flour you made for yourself. let noodles dry a bit before cooking!

There you have it some nice fresh homemade pasta that could make even the largest Italian man blush!

“No man is lonely eating spaghetti; it requires so much attention.” ~ Christopher Morley

as always,

Buon Appetito America



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