“Any meal without a glass of wine just seems tragic to me somehow”

        If I can offer a word of advice, nothing helps enhance your dining experience and dismiss inhibition like a nice full-bodied red with nice smooth long legs ;)……but let’s get back to talking about wine shall we?! Every great meal should be accompanied by a nice glass of wine, whether you order a bottle for the table or just get a glass with your entrée’ nothing heightens the elegance of a meal more.

       There are a plethora of different wine labels out there these days and you should never be afraid to try something different. Dont get stuck on the same bottle of Merlot every time you eat out, instead ask for recommendations, try different regions because who knows what can surprise you.

Here is a nice cheap red Bordeaux that I enjoyed the other night:

2009 Chateau De Bon Ami Bordeaux:

For 9$ this is a pretty great Bordeaux!

Some winemaker notes:

  • This 2009 Bordeaux has a bright nose of red fruits, licorice and sweet pepper. The palate is rich and delicious with melted soft tannins. The term aromatic is well-marked, accompanied by a crisp and cool acidic peak.

Buon Appetito America



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