Going out to dinner must be one of my favorite hobbies. As much as I like to cook and serve others, it feels good to take a break and be inspired  by other creative minds. While dinning the past couple weeks ive picked up a couple wine recommendations that I really loved! Not only did these wines create a great pairing with my meal but it also got my date all hot and bothered! You choose any aphrodisiac you would like but im sticking to my red wine….Anyway here are a couple of recommendations that I have picked up for your drinking pleasure:

Some wine maker notes:

This 2008 Ojai Vineyards Santa Barbara County Syrah is a bright, fresh and balanced syrah!

  • The color is dark and the wine has a lovely berry tinged perfume with a faint smokiness and a hint of green olive. It has lots of fruit and is very flavorful with good structure and backbone

This vintage in particular is sold at around $28 a bottle in stores.

This next bottle I absolutely loved and the bottle itself is shaped like the Piedmont region from which it derives:

Wine maker notes:

This 2005 Travaglini Gattinara wine shows a deep ruby-red with garnet reflections. On the nose, aromas of red fruit, blackberry, plum and licorice with hints of vanilla and leather, which lead to a taste which is full-bodied, with intense flavors of cherry, raspberry and spice culminating in a long and smooth finish. Scored 90 points from Wine Advocate!

Buon Appetito America



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