Restaurant Review #2

RestaurantSaigon Restaurant & Bar

 Location: 2061 E. 4th Cleveland Ohio, 44115.

Telephone: (216) 344-2020    Category: Vietnamese                                               Noise Level: Low

Rating: 3/5                                                                 Ambiance: Contemporary, Casual

Price Range: $$                                                        Good for:  Dinner

Caters to: Adults, Kids and groups                           Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Takes reservations: Yes                                         Wine List: Poor


          As you walk down the buzzing street of E. 4th in Cleveland Ohio you walk past a lot of great wonders such as the House of Blues, Lola Restaurant (Iron Chef Michael Simon owned and operated) and Pitwick and Frolick. Saigon is a quaint little Vietnamese restaurant that sits next to some of Cleveland’s greatest titans!

The Atmosphere: As you enter the restaurant it is relatively small in size but can cater still to a nice crowd. the bar is tucked away in the corner and did not seem very inviting. The alcohol selection was not very extensive with just a couple top shelf liquors. Its one large rectangular room with about 10-15 tables in the center which can cause an irritating crowded feeling on a busy night. The booth tables are semi circular along the walls and seat 4+ people in each. I would make a reservation and request a booth to avoid the hustle and bustle of sitting in the middle of the restaurant.

The Service: As my company and I entered the restaurant we felt very comfortable as if we had walked into a Vietnamese style home. The exotic plants and dim lighting was very inviting along with the eagerness of the hostess to seat us. Most of the staff is of Vietnamese or asian decent which added to the experience. Our server was very attentive and kind, however she did not engage in much conversation besides taking our order. Many of the people in our party were dining with this cuisine for the first time and therefore did not understand many of the dishes available to them. Our Server could have gone over a few house specialties and highlighted items we may be interested in as first timers. One of the diners meal was too spicy for her and she almost could not enjoy it. Service was alright over all but it could have used a friendlier more personal touch!

The Food: This section is what really gives the restaurant all the hype. I must say that their flavors and spices are unmatched by any typical european and american flavors. Saigon’s Menu was extensive and stayed true to their Vietnamese roots. It was also very reasonably priced with appetizers stemming from $5-$10 and your average entrée in the range of $15. They had a lot of great selections for appetizers and entrée’s which could appeal to any palate. Whether you wanted a fresh summer roll or beef skewer they had many fresh and deep-fried app’s to share. There entree’s where sectioned into the type of meal you wanted ex..(Noodle bowls, salads, chicken, beef and seafood). Each dish was different in its entirety. They offered many great preparations of each with many unique sauces. A couple of sauces to be on the look out for in any Vietnamese/ Thai restaurants are:

  • Lemon grass sauce
  • Curry preparations
  • Sweet and sour
  • Thia basil

Not only was the food delicious in flavor but it was also healthy in its make-up…Vietnames style cuisine caters very well to the vegans and vegetarians of the world. Saigon like many other restaurants of its nature offer wide variety of tofu and rice dishes to satisfy. Any vegetarian could find themselves in heaven with a number of stir fried vegetables and an extensive array of sauces!

          Earlier in my blog i posted an article that was titled “Joseph Hates you all, im just here for the food” and that is exactly how I feel about Saigon restaurant. The atmosphere, service, wine selection and bar may have needed help but the food and flavors left you wanting more and that’s why we are here after all..Great Food! The next time you are in Cleveland and looking to be a little adventurous, stop by Saigon for a very relaxed and delicious meal.

and remember,

Buon Appetito America!



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