Wine Publication #4

        Now that I have converted all of you into wine drinkers I think it’s about time to teach you how to enhance your wine experiences. This means you need to open up your brain tanks because im about to drop some premium octane knowledge on your asses.

        Earlier on in my wine post I talked a little bit about wine becoming pretentious, I still back up my previous statement. However, I do believe that there are indeed methods that you can use to enhance the flavor of the wine and make it come alive.

1.) Decanting Decanting is a method that has been debated between wine drinkers for many years on whether it does indeed bring out the flavor of wine. In my experiences, I would say I put confidence in decanting 100%. Decanting, in simple terms means “the transfer” of wine into another receptacle. Of course it sounds silly that the act of just shifting the liquid from one container to another is the key but by using this method two things occur which helps bring the wine to life.

a.) When decanting a wine carefully and slowly (especially with an older bottle of wine) you allow for most of the sediment to dissipate itself from the liquid. That is the grape skins and sugar sediment that settles when wine is stored improperly. By leaving these sediments mixed with the wine you will acquire a very bitter flavor which may ruin the whole bottle.

b.) Not only do you separate the sediment from the liquid itself but you allow for oxygen to touch the wine and that is said to bring out its true essence and flavor. The more exposed the wine is to oxygen the better your wine will taste ( that’s why you typically see decanters that have a very wide base)

I’m aware that many people do not have a decanter such as the one shown above so an old clean soda bottle will work just fine…With young wines the process is much easier. All you need to do is simply pour your wine into the container nice and slowly and let it sit for about 20-30min.

*if you would like to taste the changes taste a bit when you first open the bottle…decant it….then taste every ten minutes!

With older wines the process is a little more intricate…its like how to treat a lady…you don’t ask for sex on the first date right?….it needs a bit more finesse! The wine has been aged and therefore doesn’t need the total oxygen boost that younger wines need so your main concern is separating the setement…if you dont have a thin wire strainer use a funnel and coffee filter.

Serving Temperature: Your typical Red wine should be served at anywhere from 55-60F. For white wines many people like it really cold which is not a problem but instead of adding ice cubes directly to your glass (which waters down the flavor) make sure you chill it in a freezer for 10-15min before serving…if your red wine is very warm try throwing it in the freezer for 5-7 min before serving.

Remember ladies, a good wine is like good sex….it gets better with age

Drink responsibly



One thought on “Wine Publication #4

  1. Yo JCL, The more I read your articles the better they get. I’ve become an over night fan and avid reader, not only for the good info and kick ass recipes but I get to laugh my ass off while I’m reading. keep it up, the world needs more Peace Love and Pasta!!

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