Restaurant Review #1

Restaurant: Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse and Wine Bar      




Category: Brazilian                                                 Noise Level: Average

Rating: 4/5                                                               Ambiance: Contemporary, Dim, Classy

Price Range: $$$                                                    Good for:  Dinner

Caters to: Adults, Kids and groups                         Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Takes reservations: Yes                                       Wine List: Average

*Brasa has many locations in many different cities all over America, so check the website and see if there is a location near you


         Brasa is a wonderful and very elegant place to take friends, family, business associates and even a significant other you are looking to impress. I have dined at this restaurant multiple times and in multiple locations and it never ceases to amaze me. The ambiance is very dim and trendy in its design and layout. This restaurant is different because it does not have a typical menu to choose from but a variety of different packages. All standard prices and rates are as follows:


Silver $30: unlimited appetizer and salad bars

Gold $40: unlimited salad and appetizer bars in addition to the full dinner rodizio experience which includes thirteen cuts of beef, lamb, chicken and pork and our famous cinnamon roasted pineapple (highly recommended)

*In some locations price vary on Friday and Saturday

The service at Brasa has always been fantastic with a serving staff that are all working together as a team. When seated you are asked to go to the buffet to start your “first course.” This Buffet is unlike many others, with a bodacious array of foods, The spread includes things such as Different cheeses, meats, pastas, soups and seafood (including shrimp cocktail and crab legs.

At this point many people enter there Brett Favre stage and don’t know when to quit. I recommend not filling up on the buffet because the best is still yet to come. The serving staff will then come around with skewers of the finest cuts of different steaks, chops and meats (this is the time to indulge).

While you are at Brasa be sure to take a look at their wine list or enjoy a cocktail or five at their full bar. Nothing accompanies a meal like this with a hearty full-bodied red wine. So in the words of the old country…

“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli”


Buon Appetito America!

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