Wine Publication #2

             Since my last wine piece was extremely heartfelt and probably boring to you all who don’t give a shit about wine, im going to smack you with some truth. For all of you who don’t know a damn thing, listen up, this piece will start with the basics and continue to blow your mind as the blog continues every week.

             Benjamin Franklin once said “wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance”…i think what he really meant by that was “wine makes women horny and they don’t care because im a founding father of the United states”

So lets start simple:                             

White Wines:                                    

Riesling: Riesling is a German grape varietal that is usually high in acid but very fruity with flavors of peach or honey, apricot and lime. It can be dry, semi dry or sparkling. Riesling are usually not oaked.

Pinot Grigio: Pinot Grigio is one of the most popular Italian wines sold in restaurants today. The Californian Pinot Grigio has a lighter body with a nice balance of acid and fruity flavors. Italian Pinot Grigio has a lighter body with very mineral flavors and liter fruit. Usually contains a nice green apple or honey finish.

Chardonnay: The Chardonnay unlike the two mentioned above is a mild flavored grape that takes in most of its great full-bodied flavor from the aging process (usually oak barrels). Chardonnay is traditionally rich and buttery in its texture with hints of golden apple and hazelnut.

Sauvignon Blanc : The grape gets its name from the French word sauvage (“wild”) and blanc (“white”) due to its early origins as an indigenous grape in South West France. The Sauvignon Blanc is traditionally a crisp and citrusy wine with a taste profile usually consisting of grapefruit, tarragon and passionfruit.

              So there you have it women of the world, your white wine varietals..hopefully you have learned a thing or two for the next time your out for a nice dinner or looking for something to get you loosened up before a night out. drink responsibly…..unless your out with me!




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