Wine Publication #1

Wine has become a little too pretentious for my liking these days. It, like most beverages really should be enjoyed with friends, family and great conversation. You can drink it out of a swarovski crystal wine glass or a coffee mug and it should not matter what other people think, it still will taste great. I have had a 7$ bottle of wine that I liked more than a 70$ bottle and it doesn’t matter because wine, like food is a personal preference.

Just like painting or architecture, wine making is an art form that is very difficult and very overlooked. Guys like Van Gogh and Michelangelo did not master their craft so they could appeal to the masses, they painted “Starry Night” and the Sistine Chapel because it’s what they loved to do (and made a ton of money), Guys like Mondovi and Cakebread are no different.


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